Wilder Legal Challenge is about Money not Glory

Deontay Wilder to fight Luis Ortiz in fall as Joshua showdown remains on  hold | Deontay Wilder | The Guardian

Just one day after Tyson Fury announced that he and AJ would get fighting for the undisputed heavyweight championship. Deontay Wilder has won his case for a third fight at the court of arbitration.

This means that Fury would be obligated to fight the Bronze Bomber before the 15th September of this year. Wilder and his team are looking to exploit a situation where the step aside money is the bigger pay day than actually fighting Fury would be.

Wilder since the Fury fight

In February of last year, the biggest heavyweight clash since Joshua and Kiltschko clashed at Wembley took place in Las Vegas between Wilder and Fury. Well documented as it has been Furys come back has been the stuff of legend and his easy stoppage of Wilder was the cherry. Deontay Wilder since that day has been very quiet bar the occasional instagram video.

The Americans vaunted power was shown to be nullified. His weaknesses were born out for everyone to see. He had gone from the worlds most feared man to a laughing stock. Destroyed by a man who previously wasn’t known for being a devastating puncher.

A raft of excuses have followed ranging from a heavy costume to his drink being spiked by Mark Breland (the trainer who now famously threw in the towel).

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Such was the one sided nature of the fight that the public no longer seem interested. Wilder and his manager Al Haymon will be aware of that. In the last couple of months as the confirmation of the undisputed fight was getting closer Wilder stayed silent. He knew where his opportunity would lie so he bided his time.

The economics involved in what could be the biggest heavyweight clash this century means that Wilder has much to gain without entering the ring. Wilders purse for the second fight with Fury was reportedly $5 million.

If it is indeed true that he stands to make $10 million in step aside money, then that is a great business decision. However it is not good for the sport.

What now

I am not sure Wilder will ever be the same again. His aura has been shattered but he cannot sell himself out. The party line will be that he is owed this fight but that would not make sense to boxing fans. Why would you fight for one belt, when you could fight for all of them. Why would you want to be the man that deprives the world of the fight it craves. The only answer to any of those questions is simple, He doesn’t want any of that.

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Wilder does not want to step foot into the ring with Fury. Nor do I believe that he ever wanted to fight Joshua. Deontay Wilder wants the biggest fight in the history of British boxing to go ahead because that is how he makes the most money. Here is a man who had the ultimate belief in himself, a man who called himself King.

Now with the crown ripped from his head, Wilder is a man of hubris. He no longer believes his hype and therefore would love to be given an excuse to get off scott free all the while being able to blame others. We have already seen this side in the way he handled defeat. Now we are just seeing greed and false ambition.

Wilder has yet to comment on the tribunals decision. However I think it’s safe to assume that Wilder will not be fighting Fury in September. Wilder will be unscathed, 10 million dollars richer and able to take some easy fights to rebuild. All thanks to his team and most notably Al Haymon.

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