Too Many Cooks Makes AJ Fury a cause for Concern

Heavyweight clash could be derailed by warring promoters

Are there Too Many Cooks for the long awaited Joshua Fury fight

As we leave behind a bank holiday weekend full of pulsating heavyweight action, I’d forgive anyone who had forgotten the main issue at hand in the sports blue riband division: Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury.

There have been a lot of conflicting reports from both sides over the past few weeks and none have been more damning than the confusion surrounding Bob Arum and his ever changing stance. Eddie Hearns utter bewilderment at the propaganda profligating from Arums mouth has laid bare the hidden issue behind such a huge event.

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Boxing a concern

Boxing is more like the wild west than most other combat sports. There isn’t one body that governs the whole upper echelon of the sport like the UFC and nor does anybody want it that way. The problem we are having is a battle of old guard versus new guard as to who carries the sport forward. In this case it may cause us to miss out on the biggest heavyweight clash since Lennox Lewis stopped Mike Tyson in 2002.

Big Bobs insistance that Joshua against Fury is dead in the water has been lambasted by Hearn on social media all weekend and I can’t help but notice a common theme. At no point during this whole wrangle has anybody agreed on what’s going on. Matchroom say July/August and Top Rank consistently tell us the fight isn’t happening. This is where things are no doubt falling apart. AJ and Fury want it, the public wants it. So just get it done.

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This is not new in the sport. The public have missed out on some great fights over the years. Lewis v Bowe, Brook v Khan and in the more domestic scene Hatton v Witter. Bob Arum is also having trouble getting Crawford v Spence over the line. The biggest worry is it turning eyes away from the sport. Boxing is in a huge boom period largely thanks to the two promoters that are in control of this bout. So they cannot let this opportunity slip.

What boxing needs

The world needs one heavyweight champion. After years and years of alphabet soup titles and paper champions we are now on the verge of crowning ‘The Man’. For the first time since the retirement of Lennox Lewis we have the chance for there to be one man reigning supreme.

The last thing anybody wants is a Mayweather, Pacquiao situation. These 2 behemoths are in their primes and all involved need to make sure that the two fights reportedly agreed go ahead over the course the next 12 months. If it doesn’t happen now it may never happen.

The whole world is holding it’s breath in anticipation of an all British heavyweight clash. All the belts will be up for grabs. If Hearn is able to get the fight over the line, it may just be his greatest achievment so far in comparabally infantile career. Usually in the battle of new versus old, new usually comes out on top but that won’t stop the old guard getting one last dig in.

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