This European Super League could actually be super.

This European Super League could actually be super you know. English football currently is in the balance with a league that could change the landscape forever, however it could be the best thing.

The shock and surprise of this news on Sunday should not be new and to the people who are complaining should think again.

This proposal which has caused outrage and as I write this I feel like I’m on an island. However we have been asking this for years and never actually noticed.

A European Super League which is offering the big six of England, a pay day like no other. Also the chance to take on teams in Italy and Spain has the chance to be exciting not boring.

Firstly, I mention it’s been coming, is that for years the big clubs have craved European success and attention as long as I can remember.

Arsenal fans would celebrate with glee by securing Champions League football more than their regular FA Cup triumphs.

Would the Gunners really come close to winning the European Cup the following season, no. So if those days under Wenger were accepted by those who followed the Arsenal, then why complain.

This league could be a success as it brings about mouth watering ties on a regular basis. Liverpool vs Barcelona and Manchester United vs Real Madrid. Imagine the likes of Anfield and Old Trafford full to capacity when fans can return.

We have seen these sort of fixtures take place in pre-season friendlies drawing in attendances which put domestic leagues to shame.

What the European Super League means

Imagine a league table in which it could change on a weekly basis. Instead of one team leading all year long which is becoming regular occurrence throughout European leagues.

The Premier League has become way too predictable and despite 2018/2019 title races do not happen. Top spot has basically been decided by February in most reason seasons by Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. An outcry that there would be no relegation in this league is not a concern.

All the English clubs linked with said league minus City have never been relegated since the Premier League was created. So the fans of these clubs should be use to this idea really.

The owners who are wanting this dream to come true have always been fascinated by European success. Domestic joy is great but you ask John W Henry or Roman Ambramovich and I’m certain they will choose Champions League triumphs over Premier League titles won.

Sadly the Champions League has become very bland and also seeing teams such as Leicester City or even an Atalanta involved is new but bizarre as they’ll never win it.

The prospect of playing in stadiums such as the Nou Camp and San Siro would provide worthy settings. Instead of Premier League going to Turf Moor to face Burnley.

It’s an issue which Barcelona and Real Madrid have to deal with constantly. They are viewed as being in a two team league.

The outrage from the fans I do not understood because the same fans that are moaning will be ecstatic if they witness a successful campaign in this Super League.

People saying that football will die are wrong. It would provide an opportunity for others clubs to rise in England, Spain and Italy. Whilst the elite of Europe would revel themselves. For me I view this as a new dawn and one many will soon admire.

European Super League

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