Rooney has his say on Ronaldo move to City

Former Manchester United legend Wayne rooney has weighed in on the Ronaldo potential move to arch rivals Manchester CIty.

Rooney played with Ronaldo for 6 years and won a Champions League along side the flying Portuguese winger

Speaking to Talksport Wayne rooney said

“I think Cristiano [Ronaldo] has got a very good legacy at Manchester United and I know how proud he is as a player and a person. I can’t see it [Ronaldo joining Man City], but it’s football so you never know.

“Financially of course he doesn’t need to do it. I think it’s more likely that it’s PSG he goes to.”

“There have been a few that have done it [moving to Man City] but no one at Cristiano’s level. Obviously Peter Schmeichel and Andy Cole, but I just can’t see that as an option for him really.

“I think people move to clubs where they don’t really want to but from a financial point of view that might be the only option they have, so I might get it from some people’s point of view. But in terms of myself that just wouldn’t be an option

Wayne Rooney reveals why he took Cristiano Ronaldo to McDonald's for Big  Mac while pair were together at Manchester United

The two players along with Tevez made a combined 140 appearances in all competitions for Manchester United in 2007-08, contributing 79 goals and 29 assists.

– As a result, those three players scored 71.8% of United’s goals that term.

– With 42 goals and eight assists in 49 appearances, Ronaldo averaged a goal or assist every 83.1 minutes.

Rooney also added

Everyone knows I could never play for Liverpool or Manchester City. That’s obvious but everyone’s different.”

Rooney did try to leave for Manchester City, but decided to stay at United after changing his mind after talks with Ferguson.

United fans will not be happy if Ronaldo moves to CIty as many feel it will taint his United legacy forever

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