Nico Rosberg F1 should become more sustainable

Roseberg “F1 should become more sustainable”

Former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg says sport must embrace purpose, and that F1 needs to do more.

Nice Rosberg has said that F1 needs to more in terms of sustainability, with the sport focusing on  important issues like synthetic fuels.

The 35-year-old former world champion will take his Extreme E climate-aware racing series to the track this weekend in Saudi Arabia

Molly Taylor joins Rosberg Xtreme - MotorSportsTalk | NBC Sports

The German said in a interview:

“With RXR I hope to inspire the sports world to embrace purpose much more strongly,” he said.

“Take the European Championships for soccer – I think we should hope to inspire a championship like that to put purpose at its core, to use the reach they have to raise awareness for climate change,” he added.

Rosberg also added that F1 could follow his new sports when it comes to sustainability.

“F1 doesn’t have great purpose yet – motorsport needs to position itself as having great purpose for mankind.

“That race-to-road tech transfer helps. Formula 1 can do better and they are working on it. Synthetic fuels, for example – if they take charge of that space and really innovate, it can benefit millions of people around the world.

“But F1 has done a lot already with light materials and hybrid engines, which is the most efficient engine in world.”

Rosberg and Hamilton former F1 rivals battle again.

Lewis Hamilton begun his defense of his title and pursuit of an eighth F1 world title with a victory over rival Max Verstappen last week in Bahrain.

Hamilton’s own his own X44 team in Extreme E and will Rosberg when it takes place this weekend. 

Hamilton and Rosberg battled for the 2016 F1 world championship, having lost out the previous two seasons, then retired immediatly after.

“It’s a very neutral relationship,” adds Rosberg. “We both live in Monaco, so once in a while we do bump into each other at the shops.”

Gender quality will also be promoted this weekend by having one male and female driver on each team. 

Hamilton is running nine-time world rally champion Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez, while Rosberg has Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor in the car for RXR,

Some of the female drivers were faster than much more experienced male drivers on paper,” said one team member. “So it could be really exciting.”

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