Lewis Hamilton wins his second Grand Prix in Portimao

Lewis Hamilton takes home his second Grand Prix this season in Portugal. Versatappen finished in distant second and Hamilton’s team mate also finished on the podium.

The British driver started off in 2nd place for the first couple of laps . This was until Räikkonen’s accident occurred and the safety car was put in. Once the safety left the track, he got startled by Verstappen who surpassed him from the left side. This started chase down of Bottas.

Later, in the race he recaptured his position and soon after took the lead for most of the race. Mercedes’s excellent strategy helped their drivers maintain podium position for the race.

Lewis Hamilton wins, but what happened to Ferrari

The Ferrari team has a solid performance so far this season compared to the prior one. They did not imply the right tactics in Portimao with Sainz who starting the race off very well.

He surpassed Norris and Perez in the first lap, and then incrementally slowed down once the safety car departed the racetrack. He finished 11th in the race with no further points in the championship. Even though Leclerc put in a stable performance, it was not enough to be considered exceptional.

The Ferrari team will have to change their game plan to acquire valuable points in Spain. It will be needed for the first time on the podium in 2021.

Driver of the day and Lando’s impressive season.

Verstappen has putting up top level performance for some time now but could not push until the end to take the leading position. His teammate was awarded driver of the day by losing position at the start of the race and eventually returned to his initial place with his race-leading performance after being held back by Norris since early on.

Furthermore, Lando Norris also must be given some credit for being able to keep up with the top drivers during the championships and exceeding all of McLaren’s expectations at such a young age.

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