What will Kyle Shanahan’s 2021 Draft pick be

As the 2021 National Football League Draft in Cleveland moves ever closer, question’s need to be asked in the Bay Area. What wiill San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan’s 2021 Draft pick will be

Less than a month ago the NFL world went crazy when the 49ers had moved up from twelfth to third by trading a number of future picks.

The trade also included first round picks in 2022 and 2023 with the Miami Dolphins. Many people see Jimmy Garropolo the current San Francisco quarterback, as over the hill.

This aggressive move was analyzed over and over again and with a talented crop of college quarterbacks to choose from. Rumor has it Shanahan is focused on choosing Alabama’s Mac Jones.

49ers: Kyle Shanhan showing signs of being 2019 Coach of the Year

Is Kyle Shanahan going to regret the 2021 Draft?

It’s a decision which has already caused a divide between Kyle and his General Manager John Lynch. Lynch is not too keen on Jones and believes that going for another quarterback would be a better option. The pair have always been on the same wavelength.

It was revealed before the 2020 season that they had considered bringing Tom Brady to the 49ers but were beaten to the punch by the current Superbowl winners, Tampa Bay.

As we all know, Tampa then went on to win the Super Bowl in Tom’s first year with the franchise but this time Kyle is wanting to make this decision, no question’s asked.

What we know about Shanahan already as a Head Coach is that he had made all his quarterbacks shine on their day since arriving at the Bay Area.

During a tough debut season in the 2017, he had Garropolo going 5-0 as a starter after being traded from the New England Patriots. Since then he’s had C.J Beathard and Nick Mullins perform outstandingly under centre when called upon.

The knowledge that Kyle has is unquestionable following in the footsteps of his father Mike, who won two Super Bowls as a Head Coach with the Denver Broncos.

The question raised is, could Shanahan go on to regret the trade. It’s projected that even with the 12th pick that Ohio State’s Justin Fields would be Shanahan’s choice. It’s assumed that Fields would be able to adapt to the West Coast offense quicker than Jones, the pocket passer.

Kyle Shanahan has no regrets following Super Bowl collapse | The Sacramento  Bee

What could happen with Is Shanahan 2021 Draft pick

if Kyle select’s Jones and he is a bust, like the Bears pick in the 2017 Draft. Mitch Turbisky became the number two trade instead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

Four years later, Mahones had won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. Watson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league and Turbisky is now a back up for Matt Nagy.

The doubt about Jones being a franchise quarterback, is that he was spoiled at college level with Alabama. Especially with the best college coach around Nick Saban leading the way, aswell as having the best players around him.

Despite all those factors and Alabama winning the National Championship, Jones was not the main factor for that victory. Tua Tagovailoas’ Miami struggles in 2020 and Brian Flores benching him in some games is a perfect example that QB’s from Alabama can struggle in the NFL.

Shanahan draft regrets

Another regret for Shanahan’s 49ers team is that Garropolo and the roster of 2019 were one quarter away from winning the Championship in February 2020. It would have been the first Championship since Steve Young and co dismantled the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

The 2020 season was not kind to San Francisco. Injuries to Garropolo was not the first since entering the league. Kyle’s record without his main quarterback is not pretty. His only play-offs appearance was in 2017. This is a poor record in the tough NFC West football division

Cleveland will host the 2021 Draft in two weeks, where winner and losers will be decided. Shanahan needs to make sure he does not perform his own fumble. It may go down in history as the worst.

Kyle Shanahan 2021 draft pick

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