Jamie Carragher rips Tottenham midfield apart after collapse at Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield has come under intense criticism from Monday Night Football pundit Jamie Carragher. Carragher claimed there’s less space on the moon after Spurs had a non existent midfield in a 3-1 defeat to Arsenal.

Spurs were 3-0 down within 30 minutes at the Emirates with Dele Ali getting hooked for Japhet Tanganga at half-time. 

Carragher said:

“I won’t name individuals who didn’t play the game plan right but the game plan was not right according to the players who were on the pitch.”


Jamie Carragher felt Nuno Santos was also at fault 

Carragher also held the opinion that the new Tottenham manager Nuno Santos was responsible for the defeat. The former Liverpool midfielder said the midfield shape from the first minute was like nothing he’d ever seen in his life.

I’ve been doing this show now for eight years. Whenever I see a performance like that, I always look at players first, as I have on this. I think managers often take too much criticism, and often it’s down to the players.

“There were some shocking performances from Tottenham players, but I think the manager was equally culpable in this result in how he set up. When people question a manager, we always hear: ‘There was no plan’ – but there’s always a plan at this level in football. When you analyse it: I’m not sure how this plan was ever going to work, added Carragher. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in my life. says Carragher 

Speaking on his Monday Night Football Analysis  Carragher allowed fans to see how a midfield three of Pierre Emile Hojbjerg, Alli and Tanguy Ndombele failed to turn up.

“One minute into the game: Dele Alli, Ndombele and Hojbjerg are the midfield players, and they are not in midfield positions. The only reason you’d stand there [so far from the ball and midfield], is if your manager has told you to go there.

They wanted to go direct, but who to? Even if you win the ball, you need someone behind you to pick up second balls, but Dele Alli was on the same line as Harry Kane!

“When you look at the space in midfield… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in my life.

“Where would you want them? Surely not there. There’s less space on the moon than what you see in that midfielder for Tottenham. It’s actually unbelievable. The manager must have told them where to go: this is before the first goal. It was always going to happen.”

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry claimed Arsenal’s quality was a big factor

Arsenal’s quality, as well as Spurs’ woeful positioning was a big factor in the 3-1 win over Spurs, said Thierry Henry in the MNF studio

“You talk about the moon Jamie, but [Arsenal’s second] was like the Champs-Élysées, the best avenue you can see. We talk about Spurs and what they did, but take nothing away from Bukayo Saka, and how they wanted to enter these areas. The desire was there right from the start.”

It’s now three Premier League losses for Spurs, which makes Nuno the first Spurs boss to lose as many as four times in his opening 10 fixtures since Glen Hoddle back in 2001.

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