Grealish and Foden can Replicate Gazza

As Euro 2020 draws ever closer the English public are being tormented with hope once again. Quite amazingly just 5 years after the disasterous Euro 2016 campaign. Foden and Grealish could change that

Still buoyed by the unexpected run to the World Cup semi-final in 2018. England fans are looking forward to, hopefully a long awaited finals success. As always there is a clamour for a maverick talisman who can set the world alight and fortunately for England they have two.

What happened in previous tournaments

A lack of bravery under pressure has marred Englands previous tournament attempts. Englands golden generation has to be considered England’s best team ever on paper but that came to nothing. A squad full of unrivalled players in each position was unable to gel thanks to club rivalries spilling over.

The likes of Gerrard, Lampard and Ferdinand could not sit together at lunch time let alone work together on the pitch. Beckham and then Rooney were the main men in that era but I feel they lacked one ingredient. Bravery.

England's golden generation held back by Premier League club rivalries |  England football team, England national football team, England football

Paul Gascoigne had it all. He was skilled, composed, energetic and affable. The English public latched onto him in a way that we haven’t seen since or we will likely ever see again. He was the player for the everyman, who when he pulled on an England shirt looked like he enjoyed playing.

He had passion, charisma and pride. Who could ever forget the tears in Turin. Grealish and Foden may not capture the imagination in the same way off of the pitch but on it they have every chance of giving England that Gazza factor.


Jack Grealish is the closest we’ve got, he will pick the ball up under pressure and make something happen. He’s been a key player in Aston Villa’s resurgence in the premier league and if not for his injury late in the season they could’ve achieved a top half finish. 7 goals and 12 assists in all competitions this season as the captain and catalyst for everything the villains achieved.


Foden has been talked about in the mainstream press for years. Despite calls for him to go out on loan for more game time since Pep came to England and declared he was the best young player he had ever seen. Foden stayed at City and this season he has flourished into a key member of a fantastic Manchester City side. When you consider the competition in his position it makes his rise all the more remarkable.

Man City star Phil Foden told he is better than Jack Grealish and James  Maddison - Manchester Evening News

There have been many pretenders to Gazza’s crown. The likes of Jack Wilshere and Kieran Dyers careers were derailed by poor injury records. Wayne Rooney is Englands greatest ever goal scorer but many feel he never fulfilled his early promise at a major tournament.

With Foden and Grealish we could be looking at two young men who love the game and play it in it’s purest form. Brave, determined and technically gifted. Both players follow the blue print of what the England DNA is supposed to be but have that intangible that draws you in.

When the tournament gets down to the difficult moments and you need a player to pull something out of nothing. You can be sure that these two won’t be far away.

Grealish will drag the team through games. Foden will win you games with his trickery. If they can replicate their club form then we have two players that will light up the Summer. So come on Mr Southgate be brave, let them take the world by storm.

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