Dermot Kennedy starstruck over Roy Keane

Irish singer Dermot Kennedy has said that he was starstruck after Roy Keane agreed to meet him after his gig.

Kennedy was a boyhood hero of the former Manchester United and Ireland captain and even got a photo with the singer.

Kennedy has  described it as a “surreal moment” was thrown back by the fact Keane listens to his hits

Dermot Kennedy meets idol Roy Keane after his concert with singer left star-struck by 'surreal moment'

Dermot Kennedy meets Roy Keane

Roy Keane loves Dermot Kennedy

The 29-year-old took to social media to tell fans about his delightment in meeting Keane

“Can’t explain what it means. Will not even attempt to explain. @officialkeane16 came to my gig last night. Very very grateful indeed for a surreal moment.”

Kennedy is a  United fan and has been since he was as a boy. Keane thought him a lot about how to do things the right way. It was his “attitude and how to approach things you’re most passionate about that inspired Kennedy.

“Roy Keane has inspired me more than anyone, since I was a kid. I may move in a different field, but I took so much from him in terms o attitude and how to approach the things you’re most passionate about.

“You get out what you put in, and the results will always reflect your effort,” Kennedy added.

“I can only hope to inspire someone in the same way.”

Dermot Kennedy hails Roy Keane as a huge inspiration whose attitude he tries to bring to his music career

Keane shared the same photo, telling his 1.4 million Instagram followers:

“Brilliant live performance last night @dermotkennedy. You’re the real deal.”

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