Chelsea clinch WSL title with 5-0 win over Reading

Chelsea have won the WSL Super league for the 4th time, defeating Reading in a match that showed
what a powerhouse Emma Hayes has worked endlessly in creating. Even Manchester City could not
stop them as they were also playing against West Ham.

The first leg of the match saw Carter for Chelsea getting a corner kick, which unexpectedly gave
Leupolz the assist she needed to score the first goal within the first minute of the match.

The partnership between Sam Kerr and Fran Kirby that has been keeping Chelsea at the top of their
game, and yet again propelled them to land their hands on the cup. Despite Kirby having sustained an
injury as well as returning from serious illness, the second goal of the game was made by the duo,
making it the 50th goal between them.

The second half went on to see them continue their success with a third goal, putting Chelsea at 3-0.
The fourth goal saw the duo switch it up as Kerr made the goal this time with Kirby as assist.

Chelsea thrash Reading 5-0 to clinch WSL title in style - Football365

Second half Chelsea clinch the WSL title

Chelsea already had a two-point advantage at the top of the table, guaranteeing a victory yet this did not
stop them nor put them at ease throughout the game, as they went on score again. Reiten took corner kick, Cuthbert then turned it in as it just crossed the line.

It was a disappointing day for Reading, in a huge loss for the team. Unable to prevent 5 consecutive
wins, with no goals to show for themselves. Albeit they were up against Chelsea that were ruthless
in their game and continued to play the game the way they began with a winning mentality.

While it was a fantastic win for Chelsea it was also a farewell to Fara Williams who played her final
match for Reading as she heads into retirement. Bittersweet and emotional that she was unable to
see Reading win, yet she leaves a legacy behind for women’s football after playing for twenty-five

With Chelsea winning two seasons running of the WSL, clearly defining them the as England’s finest
team. It is now up to next weeks game on Sunday for UEFA Champions league where they will be up against

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