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    What to expect when England play Germany

    The European Championships this summer have been excellent, in my opinion. The tournament has reignited a love football. I thought I’d lost after the European Super League fiasco a month back. England and Germany should [...]
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    Grealish and Foden can Replicate Gazza

    As Euro 2020 draws ever closer the English public are being tormented with hope once again. Quite amazingly just 5 years after the disasterous Euro 2016 campaign. Foden and Grealish could change that
  • Features and views

    The Wheels are Coming Off for Solskjaer

    After they slumped to a penalty shootout defeat on Wednesday night against Villareal. One thing has become abundantly clear Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not have the same killer instinct he once had during his playing [...]
  • Boxing

    The Ring Magazine top 5 Boxers in the world.

    Ring Magazine “pound-for-pound” list, also known as the best fighters in boxing. It’s one of the most controversial lists in the sport. The fact that every boxing fan has their own opinion on who should [...]